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Multi Function Meter

Current Range

  • 0.25 TO 5 Amp
  • 4 TO 61 Amp
  • 40 TO 500 Amp
  • 400 TO 1200 Amp
  • 5000 Amp
  • Model : i.KW

We are a leading Manufacturer of multi function meter from Surat, India.

We introduced Intelligent Motor Protection Device Integrated with Delta-Star Converter Module for Energy Saving purpose. Application of this device is on variable load where in certain condition motor draws power less than 50% of its capacity. In this condition if we convert the motor in to Star configuration instead of Delta by means of Power Contactor, its Power Factor will be improve & motor will draw lesser power than that in Delta Configuration. There is inbuilt Star-Delta timer in our Motor Protection Device Model- i.MWM-IO. When we start the motor, it will start by Star to Delta method through our device. No additional Star-Delta Timer is required. After motor converts to Delta, device will monitor the power drawing by motor. When the power value is below the Set value of parameter in 'Under Power', after pre define set time (Programmable for 3 to 50 Second) motor will again convert to Star by help of Power Contactor. If again power increases & cross the Under Power value after pre define set time (Star-Delta time programmable for 3 to 15 Second) motor will convert to Delta by help of Power Contactor.

Product Details:

Power Source : 3 Phase 4 Wire [R-Y-B-N]
Mounting : Door Mount {Door Cut out 92 X 92 mm]
Display : Back lit LCD 16 X 2
CT Type : External Phase CT Unit up to 61 A / External Phase CTs for above 61 A
Temperature : +10 TO 60 Degree C [Operation]


  • 16 Character X 2 Line LCD Shows
  • Current
  • Voltage [RN, YN, BN / RY, YB, BR]
  • P.F [Per Phase & Avarage]
  • KW [Per Phase & Total]
  • KWh [Per Phase & Total]
  • Frequency
  • KVA
  • KVAr
  • KVArh
  • Harmonics
  • Peak Current
  • Peak Votage


Device : Door Mount (92 X 92 mm)
External CT Unit : DIN Rail Mount For 4 TO 61 Amp
External Phase CTs : Cable / BUS BAR mount For 40 TO 500 Amp & above
  • Power Source: Three Phase Four Wire [R-Y-B-N]
  • CT Type: In-built for 0.25 TO 5 Amp / External for        all other Current Ranges

Special Features

  • With RS-485 Communication


Your Requirements Of Micro-Controller Based Motor Protection Devices Under One Roof

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