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Energy Management System

A system which links machines to computer

Upgrading existing one’s skills are vital in today’s rapidly changing world of networked business. In the fieldof Energy Management System, vital information many a times lags in the way, it is being communicated.If this exchange of information is done properly, organizations could get an unexpected leverage towardsachieving higher goals and better targets. The critical data if analyzed in a process with the means of effectivesystems like EMS would highlight the setbacks in the presently adopted building control / process controlmechanism and prompt the entrepreneurs to channels the resources as well as efforts in a direction,which symbolizes ease of operation, security, accuracy and higher productivity and power savings. Onesuch panacea is our EMS.

Energy Management System [EMS]

With our EMS solution, you can visualize, control, analyze and optimize production data across your operations – resulting in enhanced decision making, faster time to market, improved productivity and reduces cost.

Product Details:

CT Type : In built in 0.25-5A / DIN Rail Mount External Phase CT Unit in 4-61A / External Phase CTs for above
Mounting : Door Mount [Door Cut out 92 X 92 mm]
Temperature : +10 TO 60 Degree C [Operation]
Application : Energy Monitoring
Display Type : Back lit LCD 16 X 2
Power Source : 3 Phase 4 Wire [R-Y-B-N]
COM Ports : Available [RS-485 | Protocol MODBUS]

Solution for All Sector & Technologies

  • Air-Conditioning
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical industries
  • Power Supply & Distribution
  • Water & waste water Treatment
  • Mechanical & plant Engineering
  • Plastic & Rubber industries
  • Paper manufacturing & processing, printing industries
  • Metal process & steel industries
  • Building control technology & Property management


Email facility

  • Alarm generated & reset
  • Shift Report – Customized or department wise
  • Data Log Report
  • Factory performance, Actual v/s design comparison
  • Graph of Factory performance, Actual v/s design comparison

SMS facility

  • Alarm generated & reset
  • Periodic (Settable Time) important monitoring parameter,
  • Actual value send (e.g. KW, Current, Voltage etc.)

Alarm analysis

  • History with Date, Time & Trip Cause
  • Cause wise sorting
  • Machine wise sorting
  • Date / Time wise sorting
  • Data analysis
  • Data log in tabular format
  • History with date / time
  • Shift Report
  • Periodic (Settable Time) Report facility
  • Date / Time wise sorting

Factory / Building Performance Evaluation Report

  • Production v/s KW or TR v/s KW
  • Continuously display of actual KW/Production v/s design KW/Production
  • Continuously display of actual KW/TR v/s design KW/TR
  • Cumulative display of Total Production v/s KWH or TRH v/s KWH
  • Total Production/KWH or TR/KWH actual v/s design
  • Gap between design & actual i.KW/Production or TR/KWH & its implication in terms of higher power         consumption & lower capacity generated
  • Possible reasons for lower Production & higher KW or lower TR & higher KW

EMS Features

  • Monitor and control plant processes, equipment and resources
  • Collect and share real-time and historical data with users on all levels of your business
  • Respond faster to process conditions and market demands
  • Maximize plant effectiveness, increase productivity, reduce cost and waste
  • Benefit from a fully secure automation system that delivers 100% data integrity
  • Tag Configuration is possible on field.
  • Drawing Mimics using various controls is possible on field.


  • Develop and deploy powerful automation solutions faster and easier
  • Achieve faster time-to-market with new products
  • Increase productivity and product quality
  • Reduce your system maintenance and expansion costs
  • Increase data integrity
  • Greater operator accountability
  • Higher efficiency

Monitoring and Control

EMS is a robust HMI/EMS solution, providing process visualization, data acquisition and supervisory control of your plant floor operations. EMS gives you the power and security to precisely monitor and control every aspect of your manufacturing process as well as your equipment and resources, resulting in faster response to production issues, less waste, improved quality, faster time-to-market with new products, and increased profitability.


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