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Micro Motor Management Software

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Usage/Application : SCADA

Providing you the best range of Micro- Motor Management Software With Effective & Timely Delivery.

The new i.MWM & i.MWM-IO has additional powerful matching software µ-MMS (Micro-motor management software). The system can be optionally used when these ergonomically designed tools are utilized. Being profitable in today's market means controlling expenses. Greater utilization is, therefore, the order of the day. In order to achieve this, there must be more transparency in the actual utilization, the degree of efficiency and the losses. Also, without it is important to ensure safe, clean, reliable power, and meet expanding without raising production costs.


  • Data Logging
  • Event Logging
  • Report Generation

Control Functions

  • START / STOP of Motor
  • RESET the Device during Fault Condition

Monitoring Data

  • Current monitoring [R,Y,B]
  • Voltage monitoring [RN, YN, BN / RY, YB,BR]
  • Power factor monitoring [R,Y,B & AVARAGE]
  • Active Power monitoring KW [R,Y,B & TOTAL]
  • Total active energy accumulation [KWh]
  • Motor Switching State [ON,OFF]
  • Trend for Current, Voltage & Power [Present & History]
  • Annunciation during fault occur.


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